Thursday, November 6, 2014

4 Years of Alvar Aalto's Architecture

Dear reader,

what started in October 2010 with a single tiny post has turned into a blog containing more than 1,000 pictures and 40 postings and has so far attracted more than 27,000 readers. Thanks to all your interest and positive comments on my blog I have kept visiting and writing about Alvar Aalto's architecture for such a long time. Much has happened during these four years. Altogether I visited 55 Alvar Aalto sites in 5 different countries and 16 different cities. Almost all of Aalto's major work has been covered with this year adding three more masterpieces namely the Paimio Sanatorium, The National Pensions Institute and the House of Culture to the listings. Nevertheless there are still 25 more buildings to go, to discover and to write about. During this fifth year I will especially focus on the United States and have plans to visit all four Aalto sites on this side of the ocean. So stay tuned, enjoy the pictures and stories about Alvar Aalto's architecture, try out the Ultimative Jyväskylä Aalto Walk and feel free to write and give me feedback at any time.

Oops, before I forget, there are some new pictures and inside views added to the postings of Viitatorni High Rise Building, The Academic Bookstore and the Office Building of the Helsinki Electricity Company. Go and check them out if you like, the links for direct access are provided above when clicking on the building's names. Besides that I also added a side bar on the right that lists all buildings I have visited with a direct link to access the certain post in which I reported about them.