Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aalto in Säynätsalo

Site No. 35: Säynätsalo Town Hall (1949-52)

The Säynätsalo Town Hall is another very nice example of a town hall designed by Alvar Aalto but this time in red brick style. I visited this side during this summer twice but the first time I could not enter the building as it was a Saturday and the building is commonly only open during the office hours on working days. So I had to come a second time to see also the inside of the building. Hereby I also had the chance to visit the libary (a branch of the Jyväskylä city libary) which is also included in the building together with some business premises. A speciality of this building is the courtyard in the middle of the building which gives the building together with its tower the character of a modern castle. During the opening hours all the meeting rooms including the large council chamber could be visited. Säynätsalo is located on a island approximatelly 15 kilometres south from Jyväskylä and both times I decided to use the bicycle to get there.

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