Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Night at the (Aalto) Museum

Hi there,

I have some great news to share, yesterday I defended my doctoral dissertation! The topic of my dissertation was eco-labeling in the airline industry. This was a good reason to celebrate and as it is the academic tradition in Finland the doctoral candidate has to arrange for a dinner party (Karonka) in honor of the opponent. I decided to have my post-doctoral dinner party in no other place than the Alvar Aalto Museum's own restaurant, Cafe Alvar.

I have already reported on the Alvar Aalto Museum in some earlier posts, however, so far I haven't told much about Cafe Alvar. The restaurant of the museum is located on the ground floor and functions as cafe for museum's visitors as well as a lunch restaurant. In addition to that can the restaurant also be booked for special occasions such as dinner parties etc.

Having the dinner party in an building designed by Alvar Aalto was certainly the crowning of my defense day. Not only the building itself but also the entire interior was designed by the master himself. Even the napkins used during the dinner featured his famous Siena design.

It is needless to tell that I also mentioned Alvar Aalto in my dinner speech and pointed out my special relationship to his work reflected through this blog. Also my colleagues, friends and family know about my passion and brought me many gifts related to Alvar Aalto and his work.