Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Aalto in Jyväskylä - Update 2

Viitatorni High-Rise Apartment House in Jyväskylä (1960-61)

This post I would like to dedicate to a building which has become an important part of my every day life here in Jyväskylä, the Viitatorni high-rise aparment house. I have actually never been inside the building but where ever I go in Jyväskylä I pass by this building regardless if I am on my way to work or to any leisure activity. This buidling is such an important landmark in this town, everybody knows it and it can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. Every time I pass by it fascinates me, especially its structure and the way how it looks so different if you look at it from different angles. I have taken hundreds of pictures of this masterpiece of architecture from various locations in town during different seasons and daytimes. In this post I want to share some of those photos and hope you will find this building as interesting and fascinating as I do.

 Viitatorni seen in the last sun rays of a warm summer day

Close-up view of the roof section

There are some sports grounds behind the building which are using in summer for soccer and in winter for hockey games

Viitatorni seen from the nearby lake on a beautiful evening in late May

Viitatorni seen from Laajavuori hill while indian summer was at its best

Viitatorni seen on a freezy cold March day

In the end of October the leafs had already come down making everything looking rather grey while Viitatorni still shines in white as it always does

Even though I tried to capture the winter sport activities at Laajavuori hill, Viitatorni also dominates this scene

While several trees have already started to change their colour Viitatorni stays in its white dress

Viitatorni and the frozen lake seen on a very cold day in early January

 Viitatorni seen from Lehtisaari the island across on a nice warm June day

Some ice has already started to build up on the lake in front of Viitatorni but the carm water still allowed this almost perfect mirrow picture of the building on a cold November day

October again and time to get the boats ready for the winter while Viitatorni shines in the sun as usual surrounded by trees wearing their autumn dress

Even so outstanding because of its size Viitatorni still fits very well into the shape of the city

The beauty of an early summer evening by the lake with Viitatorni in the background

Viitatorni witnessing another soccer game played in the backyard

This picture I took on a nice Sunday walk on the nearby island in late October

 Late September and the soccer season has ended, soon the sport grounds will become a large hockey field

End of October and the lake is already partly frozen while the environment around Viitatorni looks rather grey

Close-up of Viitatorni on a pleasant February day

Viitatorni seen on a sunny March day

Viitatorni seen on a beautiful autumn day framed by two birches

Another close-up but this time from a different angle

Viitatorni seen from Laajavuori hill on a bright summer day
Viitatorni seen on a gloomy winter day in late March

This picture was indeed taken from a very interesting locating, literally from the middle of the frozen lake on which people can walk once the ice is thick enough

A beautiful November day by the lake with Viitatorni in the background

Early April and the last snow melts while days are getting long and the sun nicely illuminates Viitatorni

 Viitaniemi alue and Viitatorni seen from Lehtisaari, the island in the middle of the lake Tuomiojärvi which is located just in front of the building

A nice late October day by the lake

Overview of Jyväskylä seen from Laajavuori hill on a cold winter day. Albeit not anymore the tallest building in town Viitatorni still dominates the city as such

Mayday and still ice on the lake while the boats are just weaking up from their winter sleep

The beauty of indian summer, a great spectacle every year

The season for hockey has begun, picture taken on a cold December day

While the sun was setting late on this May day hundreds of birds where still busy with their breeding while the last sun rays still reflect in the windows of Viitatorni

The first snow making the scenery just a bit more colorful on this early November day

Viitatorni in the bright midday light of a beautiful summer day


  1. some nice pictures of this sparsely known aalto building.
    for all who want to see some more:

    1. Thank you for your comment, I really do like your blog!