Sunday, February 10, 2013

Alvar Aalto in Imatra

Site No. 46: Church of the Three Crosses (Vuoksennikska Church) in Imatra (1956-1958)

Once again a new site from Finland and a new city as well. The Church of the Three Crosses is a very well known work of Aalto in Finland maybe one his most famous work in Finland after the Finlandia hall. I visited the church last summer while spending some time at my relative's place which are living close to Imatra. Once I told them about the blog I am writting they were more than pleased to drive me to the church. Therefore this post is dedicated to them, thank you for the lift M.!

Covered by forest the Church of the Three Crosses is located in the town part of Imatra called Vuoksenniska which is also the reason why the church carries the name Vuksenniksa Church. The architecture of the church shows a lot of commons with other churches designed by Alvar Aalto, typically the shape of an irregular trapezoid. A special feature of the church is that the main space can be devided into three different sub-spaces or areas separated by walls that can be moved. During my visit all the three spaces were connected and the walls removed. Each of this three spaces have a own individual lighting and color theme. The church is also famous for its good acoustics.

The Three Crosses which gave the church its name:


  1. Its indeed a beautiful place to visit.

  2. Aalto's work inspired a generation of architectural students like me. I did visit several of his buildings but couldn't get as far as Imatra. Always wonderful detailing. Gorgeous imagination. Architects - continue to be inspired . . . .!