Monday, September 8, 2014

Alvar Aalto and the United States of America

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it has been a while since my last post. Nevertheless, I have big news to share, I moved temporary for 1 year to the United States. I am now a visiting researcher at UCLA. This will give me the chance to see all of Aalto's significant work he did outside Europe. Altogether Alvar Aalto realized four projects in the United States of which three are still existing. These are the Baker House at MIT in Cambridge MA, the Mount Angel Library in Portland OR and the Edgar J. Kaufmann Conference Facility located at the United Nations Plaza in New York City. The Finnish pavilion at the 1939's New York World Fare unfortunately doesn't exist anymore. That Aalto's name is also across the ocean not unknown was I fact I just realized yesterday while browsing through the section which had books about architecture at a store in Santa Monica where I ran in a book about Aalto's Architecture.

However, before I left Finland this summer I still visited two brand new and very exicting Aalto sites about which I will tell more as soon as I find time to do so, these are the Paimio Sanatorium and the House of Culture in Helsinki. Besides that I organized also a special Aalto walk through Jyväskylä for a visiting architect from Poland which I documented in pictures. So stay tunned as many more great and new stories about Alvar Aalto's architecture are coming up soon!

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