Sunday, January 19, 2014

Alvar Aalto by the runway

Site No. 51: Aero Corporation Staff Housing in Vantaa (1952-1954)

It is again time to report on a new site I recently visited, this time while waiting for my take-off to the christmas vacation in Germany. This is a special tip for those of you who have some time to layoff while waiting at Helsinki Airport for your departure, a Alvar Aalto site almost in walking distance from the terminal! Originally these two rows of terrace houses, each consisting of five units, were build for the workers of Aero Corporation (nowadays Finnair) in the 1950s. The address is Pyhtäänkorventie 23. The easiest way to get there is by using the free airport-hotel shuttle bus which runs every 20-30 minutes from both terminals. Get off at the stop "Finnair Flight Academy" and follow the road in the same direction as the bus continues for about 150 metres and you will end up right in front of the terrace houses.

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