Sunday, March 23, 2014

Finlandia Hall Update 1

The Finlandia Hall in Helsinki (1962-75)

This is another update to one of the greatest buildings designed by Alvar Aalto, the Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. In July 2011 I reported already about the Finlandia Hall ( and since then I had visited this great building several times when I have been in Helsinki. As I learned at my last visit, they organize regular guided tours throught the building. Unfortunately so far I wasn't lucky enough being there at the right time to participate in one of those tours. Hopefully later I will be able to show more pictures from inside of the Finlandia Hall on this blog. Nevertheless since the renovation was completed in 2012 I have taken many new pictures from outside which I am presenting now here plus I was also at least lucky to be able to take some pictures from the lobby inside the building.

The freshly renovated white marmor front of the Finlandia Hall, an impressive view. As promised here are also a few pictures from the lobby:


  1. Stefan, thank you for publishing this blog. Those are some really nice pictures! I'm doing a university project on Finlandia Hall at the moment and I want to know where I can find pictures of inside the specific halls (Elissa, Terrace, Helsinki, Finlandia, Aurora). From your description it sounds like you didn't visit the individual concert halls on your most recent visit. Do you know where I could find such photos?

  2. Hi Daniel, thank you for your interest in my blog. Unfortunately I wasn't able to visit these specific halls yet. I actually planned this summer to particapte in the guided tour offered at Finlandia Hall, which is the only way to see those halls, but I couldn't make it. Maybe you could contact the Aalto Foundation, I am sure they have pictures from those rooms and they would share them with you if you need them for your research. I know also that the Aalto Foundation has published a booklet about Finlandia Hall however, I am not sure in which detail those halls are presented in there. Otherwise if you are based in Helsinki you could of course also participate in the guided tour in order to see these rooms by yourself. I hope I could help you with this information and wish you good luck with your research!