Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The second Year

Hi there!

Another year has passed and this blog has now been existing for two years. This is a great chance to look back and summarize a bit what has happend so far. Altogher 44 out of 80 Alvar Aalto sites in four different countries have been visited and those visits have been documented in form of various posts containing my personal impressions as well as more than 500 pictures. So far more than 6 000 people have visited this blog, in average about 20 visits take place every day. Thank you very much my dear readers for your interest I hope you will also stay tunned in the future!

Also in the past month I visited many stunning Alvar Aalto sites mainly here in Finland but unfortunately I could not find time to write about those visits or to post pictures so far. I hope I can post more in the upcoming weeks, among the new discovered sites are:

Church of the Cross Lahti

  • The Aalto House in Helsinki (Alvar Aalto's home)
  • Studio Aalto in Helsinki (Alvar Aalto's offices)
  • Church of the Three Crosses in Imatra
  • Church of the Cross in Lahti

and I also have taken new pictures from the inside of the Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, the Muurame Church and the freshly renovated Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the Univerisity of Jyväskylä. Beside that my next visit is scheduled which will be in Germany where I am planning to visit the Hansaviertel Residential Building in capital Berlin.

Studio Aalto Helsinki
Church of the Three Crosses Imatra

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