Monday, October 31, 2011

The First Year

Exactly today one year ago I started with this blog. The idea of this blog was stated in my first post: To visit all buildings designed by Alvar Alvar in the world, altogether 80 sites. So far I visited 37 sites, all of them located in Finland. This summer I visited all major Aalto cities: Helsinki, Seinäjoki, Alajärvi, Rovaniemi and of course my current home town Jyväskylä. Especially in Jyväskylä I visited many sites for a second time and some of them like my University even every day. Hereby I have taken many additional pictures which I have now added to the existing ones. I have basically redesigned most of my older posts from last year and the early one's from this year. Just go, have a look and enjoy! Also in the coming year several visits to exiting Aalto sites are already planned so stay tunned!

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