Sunday, October 31, 2010


Welcome to my new blog about Alvar Aalto's Architecture. Being a great fan of Alvar Aalto I visited last Friday the Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyväskylä / Finland. After I had gone through the very interesting and inspiring exhibition I browsed a bit through the museum's shop and ended up by buying a map showing all of Alvar Aalto's architecture. Altogether there are 80 sites displayed, from which the most are located in Finland but some 17 buildings can also be found abroad.

Having a closer look on the map at home I recognized that I have been to some of the sites already among them  those ones in Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Imatra. I also recognized some of the buildings I am basically using every day as I am currently a student at the University of Jyväskylä for which a large part of the main campus was designed by Alvar Aalto.

Being a passionate traveller and photographer the idea came to my mind that I should visit all of these sites and taking pictures of them as well as writing down my thoughts which came to my mind while visiting these masterpieces of architecture. Hereby the goal is set to travel to all of these 80 sites and to document my trips which brings us finally to this very blog.

I hope you will enjoy together with me the interesting journey through Alvar Aalto's architectural work. The first 8 sites are located here in Jyväskylä which means they are basically in working distance to my apartment. Beside Jyväskylä, Aalto's architecture can be found in some other 21 cities in Finland. A bit more challenging for me will be to visit the 17 sites abroad which are mostly located in Central Europe, in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. Beside that some buildings can also be found in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Russia. Finally there are three buildings left which will definitely cost me a lot of effort to visit, those are the Nordic House, Library and Cultural Centre in Reykjavik / Iceland as well as two sites in the U.S. located in Boston MA and St. Benedict in Oregon.

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